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PRIVATE SOLUTIONS, Sautens/Ötztal Valley, in Austria is developing complex lighting concepts incorporating all variations of optical elements. Innovative ideas will provide you with fascinating new ways of accentuating your lighting concept or device.

Based on the research and innovations by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS trail-blazing lighting systems can be developed. PRIVATE SOLUTIONS will open the door to hitherto unthinkable lighting concepts.

We would like to invite you to avail yourself of the PRIVATE SOLUTIONS innovation potential and team up with us, when you are next planning light, the fourth dimension of architecture.

Harald Weingärtner

New Releases

Here you can see the latest developments of PRIVATE SOLUTIONS. We are glad, to present the first luminaire of a series called FIFTH AVENUE IN WOOD.

The Quintuple Lenses Modul distinguishes itself due to high economy, sustainability and product lifetime.

82% luminaire efficiency, sustainable materials and 20.000 hours guaranteed lifetime provide beside outstanding glare-free illumination an unprecedented product quality.

The next luminaries of FIFTH AVENUE IN WOOD will provide you with a Tenfold Lenses Modul, a swivable Ceiling Mounted Luminaire, a Wall Mounted Luminaire and a Simple Lens Modul.

All important architectural areas can be highlighted in a perfect and universal way.

Compared to traditional luminaries calculated energy savings of 25 up to 75% will be achieved.

On demand, we can provide you with ldt- und ies-files.

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Computer-assisted reflector design accomplishes evenly distributed illumination while excluding any perceptible glare.

Ergonomic and aesthetic demands are ideally fulfilled. Dichroitic coating technique for the reflectors guarantees I.R. penetrability.

In other words, there is no unpleasant heat emitted from the lighting units, and reflector surfaces render optimum reflexion values of about 98 percent of the visible light.

As opposed to standard products the reflector technology developed by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS yields 20 percent more economic efficiency.

Apart from the dichroitic coating technique exactly fixed reflector contours effect a perfect direction of the light emitted from the unit and efficiently transform the luminous energy.


A special computer programme allows us to examine the realisability of lighting concepts in early planning stages.

For example, we can simulate an extremely bundled light beam of high luminous intensity, so as to determine its effect upon different materials, with different directions of light, in luminous parameters such as brightness impression, quality of brightness control, etc.

The simulation data established in grey or color scale screens, three-dimensional lighting mountains, and charts are usually subjected to a laboratory analysis with pertinent designs, thus ensuring an absolutely perfect implementation of the project from the lighting engineering point of view.


From the point of view of lighting engineering, the innovations visible in an atrium concept and of other concepts are mainly based on the ground-braking application of PRIVATE SOLUTIONS lighting technology.

Technologically, they are primarily based on the utterly novel use of PRIVATE SOLUTIONS optical solutions. By specialists known as a high-grade technology in the lighting industries, the outstanding optical qualities of innovative light solutions can be increasingly important for modern lighting applications and projects.

E.g. the high refraction coefficient paired off with the optical purity of PRIVATE SOLUTIONS lens technologies in combination with sophisticated processing technologies, and first class quality appearance of light solutions give foundation for special solutions.

As a consequence, lighting engineers find ample scope for accentuating ideas. PRIVATE SOLUTIONS lighting technology reveal special innovations and enable them to focus their projects on very exciting new lines, indeed.

Architects daring enough to translate and to explore the innovation potential offered by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS light solutions, will find virtually unlimited possibilities of decorating their ideas with highly elegant objects in entrance halls or lobbies or other imposing surroundings. So, based on the research and innovation achievements by PRIVATE SOLUTIONS Light Laboratories trail-blazing lighting systems are possible.

PRIVATE SOLUTIONS opens the door to hitherto unthinkable lighting concepts. We should like to invite you to avail yourself of the PRIVATE SOLUTIONS innovation potential and team up with PRIVATE SOLUTIONS Light Laboratory when you are next planning light.


PRIVATE SOLUTIONS offers photometric reports according to the Austrian Trade Regulations § 134.

This can include the following details:

  • Lifetime of luminaires and lamps (warranty claims)
  • Review of photometric values as: lux-levels, luminous intensity distributions, glare control of luminaries, color rendition
  • Advice for improving the lighting conditions (in general and workplace-based)
  • Concept Consulting including cost estimate and time schedule

Light and Health


Currently artificial light is perceived increasingly by LED*. It becomes more and more important also from the lighting point of view.
LED are immense blinding light sources. Visual perception is influenced tremendously, in case of uncovered LED in luminairies.

Statistik Austria Mikrozensus 2013:

1.000.000 people in Austria complain of a limitation caused by the occupational health. The most frequently mentioned physical overload was regarding the eyes – 35 percent are affected.

The discovery of circadian cells in the human retina by David Berson et.al., 2002, shows the influence of light for our well-being, because the body clock and the secretion of certain hormones is affected.
Poorly designed light not only contributes to indisposition (sick building syndrome) but can damage the eyes.


Do you feel headache at the end of a workday on your computer monitor? In order to feel relaxed again, do you try to rub your eyes after concentrated visual activity? Do you experience the light at your work environment sometimes as too weak, although the general lighting seems to be bright?
If you answered one of these questions with YES, the solution to the problem could be the quality of illumination.

*Light Emitting Diodes, which emit photons by DC.

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